Scrounge Contributers

Brian Fitzgerald is a computer user, abuser, system administrator, and all around cynical grouch.

He still has IBM Technical Reference publications 1502234, 1502494, and 6361459 which cover the original IBM PC, XT, Portable, and AT computers.

Garry Polmateer, born in Albany NY in 1979, grew up in Saratoga. Started playing with computers when I was in the fourth grade(Texas Instruments TI994A). Moved up to TRS80's, Apples, and finally, my introduction into the PC world, the IBM PS/2(286, 1mb ram at the time). Learned Basic, Pascal, and a little C++, most of which I have forgotten by now. Began doing Technical stuff when I took a class where we built computers. It changed my life. Joined computer club, went through all the traces. Now I'm a Technician at Sage Computer Associates in Albany NY, and specialize in Network and PC support. I am currently going to Hudson Valley Community College as, surprisingly enough, a fine arts major. Graduate with my associates in science this spring, and after that, who knows!