Best Browser Fonts

The best upgrade you can do for any computer is to replace the ugly font it (most likely) is currently using as your browser's default font with a font that is designed for superior on-screen legibility. Windows and Linux machine generally come through with horrible ugly fonts installed as the default browser font. Happily, Microsoft has commissioned several excellent fonts designed for video screen use and made them available for free download.

Recent versions of Windows have some (or all) of these fonts already installed. If you don't already have them, Windows and Macintosh users can download a free copy of these fonts from here.

Linux users can obtain the Microsoft Web fonts from here. (Red Hat 6.x RPM format.) Mandrake 7.x users who dual boot with a Windows machine can use DrakFont to install their existing Windows fonts. Linux web browser are really improved when you install Verdana and use it as the default proportional font. You can also experiment with configuring your (X)windows manager to use Verdana as a system font (for dialog boxes and menus and such.)

Windows 9X users should check out Microsoft's free Font Properties Extension.

How to change your default Browser font

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