TXT2HTML 1.02 04/10/97

TXT2HTML is an MSDOS program that converts ASCII text files to HTML files. Files to be converted are typically documentation files with paragraphs separated by blank lines (like this file).

TXT2HTML's conversion is modeled on the characteristics of typical documentation files. It is designed to convert paragraphs of text. If your text file contains program source code or tabular data, you will need to do some additional manual editing of the HTML file. Tabular data's formatting can be maintained by either delimiting the data with <PRE> </PRE>, or by using the HTML 3 table features.

TXT2HTML will convert the special characters ", &, <, and > into valid HTML. It will also convert URLs into clickable references, and will detect and convert horizontal lines into <HR>.

4/10/97 Changed formatting for <P> tags. Added link color settings in <BODY> tag.

4/9/97 Made conversions of reserved HTML characters be more robust.


Copy TXT2HTML.EXE into a directory on the path. TXT2HTML requires the files BRUN45.EXE and D.EXE to also be accessable on the path. (BRUN45.EXE is contained in BRUN45.ZIP.)


At the DOS prompt, change to the directory that contains the text files that are to be converted and type TXT2HTML wildfilespec.TXT. TXT2HTML will search for all text files that match wildfilespec.TXT and write out the converted files filespec.HTM. IF filespec.HTM EXISTS, IT WILL BE OVERWRITTEN!. You might want to copy your text files to another directory before conversion as a precaution.

Examples. If you want to convert the text file README.TXT, type


TXT2HTML will convert README.TXT into README.HTM. README.TXT will not be modified. TXT2HTML *.TXT will convert all text files.

As a safety precaution, TXT2HTML only works with files with an extension of .TXT. If you have any text files with another extension (e.g., READ.ME, etc.) you must rename them to have the .TXT extension.


TXT2HTML is a DOS application and is limited to the 8.3 file format. (e.g., it won't work with the long filenames that Windows 95 supports.)


D.EXE is a DOS directory listing program that you might also find useful. Type D at the DOS prompt for a listing of options. You can use SOME of these options when using TXT2HTML. See batch files, below.

The following files are located in http://home.nycap.rr.com/wlarmon/msdos/msdos.htm (TXT2HTML needs BRUN45.EXE and D.EXE.)

BRUN45.ZIP BRUN45.EXE Quick Basic/DOS runtime

TXT2HTML.ZIP TXT2HTML.EXE HTML directory listing program TXT2HTML.TXT Doc on TXT2HTML D.EXE Directory program