What's New on the Scrounge Page

09/26/2001 Updated the Sources for Cheap Hardware page.

11/10/2000 Added Getting Your Cable Modem/DSL Working With Windows for Workgroups Using Microsoft's TCP/IP Stack.

Added Learning.

11/7/2000 Vote! Updated the Sources for Cheap Hardware page. Added new The best upgrade you can do for any computer page.

11/6/2000 I'm in the process of doing a site redesign. I'm doing it piece by piece, so don't be surprised if some pages look, well, funny, until I catch up and figure out what is going on.

Added Use md5sum to verify that your ISO downloads are good. Updated the Linux Documentation page

10/22/2000 Added (Linux) IPWatch Discussion Board for IPWatch users and Speaker Discussion Board for speaker builders. Or maybe we should have a combined IPWatch and Speaker Building forum. That would be interesting.

9/10/2000 Eric replaced the old server with a honking dual Pentium Pro one. Yea, Eric!

9/5/2000 Added new (Linux) Use rsync to back up a directory tree of files tutorial.

6/27/2000 Added a new Security Page. Be protected.

6/23/2000 Updated the Linux Documentation page.

5/9/2000 Added 20,000 Watt Home Hi-Fi System article to the Speaker Building Page.

3/16/2000 Yes, it has been a long time. I updated the Making Ethernet Adapters Work with Linux page.

1/16/2000 Yes we were down yesterday. The server got a body transplant, followed by a skills refesher course. But we are now all healthy and in tip-top shape.

1/14/2000 We unilaterally decided to take IPWatch out of Beta, based on the absence of problem reports coming in from the field. And after fixing a newly-discovered major bug. This is the last bug, right?

1/4/2000 We now have ht://Dig working. Thanks again Eric.

1/1/2000 Happy Y2K! Added a new page on installing and configuring the ht://Dig search engine.

12/31/1999 We've moved. We are now living on This is the first part of the collaboration between and Watch this space! Thanks Eric.

12/30/1999 Added new page on Using SSH to connect securely.

11/7/1999 If you use Linux, and if you have a permenent connection, like a cable modem or DSL, then you might be interested in our new IPWatch script.

10/23/1999 For cable modem and DSL users: Added new Using dhcpcd instead of pump in the Linux section.

7/13/1999 More incremental additions to Linux Tips. Still waiting for outside submissions. Hint, hint.

6/10/1999 Updated the hardware page to more closly resemble current pricing.

6/7/1999 Misc. incremental updates and additions to Linux Tips content.

5/24/1999 Rewrote Making Ethernet Adapters Work with Linux so as to make success be a bit more likely.

5/22/1999 Added new Using Linux with a Cable Modem page. Also misc. minor additions to other pages in Linux Tips.

5/7/1999 Added a new page containing Web Site Accessibility Information. Please read this.

5/1/1999 Mostly incremental updates in Linux Tips.

4/18/1999 More material in Linux Documentation.

4/13/1999 New Making Ethernet Adapters Work with Linux page. It's as easy as herding cats.

4/12/1999 Linux Tips polishing. Added more info to the Cheap Hardware Sources page.

4/4/1999 More work on the Linux Tips section.

4/3/1999 Enough futzing around. Finally started the Linux Tips section.

3/8/1999 Been learning Linux. Hope to have some Linux content soon.

2/14/1999 Fitzdiddling mostly. Reorganized the main page outline. Minor updates to some articles. Hey, it's Valentine's day.

2/13/1999 Added some new material to my CGI and Perl article. Brian contributed a much needed explanation of file permission access bits.

2/12/1999 Smoking. Garry contributed another great article: Easy RAM....?

2/10/1999 Picking up steam. Added Garry Polmateer's harrowing Windows NT=Windows NighTmare. Also added a new article on CGI and Perl. Reworked main page layout.

2/9/1999 Added text searching. Continued planning more articles. Started waiting for outside submissions. (Hint, hint.) Added an addendum to Error Reading Drive C: article. Moved my Speaker building pages here. Just because.

1/20/1999 Relaunch, after I got up interest in this. Facelift. Planning more articles.

1/31/98 Added a tutorial using a real program to "How to Create a Program -- Well, Show me a Practical Example Then." Also added "WordStar and You" (A User Interface Manifesto). After "The Unicorn Fable." I just had to.

1/28/97 Added "The Unicorn Fable" Also under "Medium Hard Stuff"

1/27/98 Added the first part of "How to Create a Program" (PC only, for now.) It's down under "Medium Hard Stuff."

1/26/98 We have a new contribution: "Instructions on using PQ Drive Copy to add a new hard drive" by Jon Hart. Invaluable advice, if you ever want to replace your existing hard drive with a new larger one. Under "Words of Wisdom."

1/25/98 More tweaking. Changed title to more accuratly reflect current pricing situation. Changed internal layout, to make it load it bit faster. Yawn, nothing big. Added "Some More Web Site Designer References."

1/23/98 Added "What You Gotta Know (to use your images on the web.) in Creating Web Pages section.

1/22/98 Yawn, slow day. Just some minor tweaking, nothing major.

1/21/98 Finally decided to do one of these "What's New" pages, so that you don't have keep reading the whole thing to see if I added anything new that's worth reading. Maybe I'll keep this updated. We'll see.

We now have "Brian's Words of Wisdom" (under "Some Final Computer Considerations.") Great!

Also added "Extreme Badness" section right under Brian (no connection implied.) One of my 486's generously provided the inspiration today for this new addition.

Fixed indentation goof that I hadn't noticed for a week. Do you really need all this updating?

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